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We aim to have a garage that offers something to every enthusiast. The best cars, some phenomenal experiences, a truly world-class research resource but, above all, an open welcome to novice and expert alike.  We aim to be transparent, energetic and professional in all matters.

We are all enthusiasts.  It’s what made us push Corgi toys around the floor when we were young and look through metal fences at racing cars when we were a bit bigger.  As we grow up, so do our tastes and, if we are lucky, our budgets.  Sometimes dreams do come true and we still pinch ourselves when we are racing at Le Mans (Classic) or driving a car that we have always revered for the first, or 100th time.

Sports Purpose headquarters at Bicester Heritage
Sports Purpose and the Paul Smith Artcar
Sports Purpose and the 2.0 Litre Cup Porsche Racing Series
Sports Purpose and Luftgekuhlt Universal Studios

We have been lucky to work on some cool projects since we opened in April 2018:  the 2 Litre Cup for pre-66 911s, various Luftgekühlt events and the art car with Paul Smith.  

Sports Purpose and Luftgekuhlt GB

We are 100% Porsche guys.  Porsche’s have evolved, succeeded in motorsport and just work and deliver driving thrills reliably like few other marques.  It doesn’t matter if it is a relatively common model or the rarest of the rare, we love these cars.  But, other makes and types exist for a reason and we take just as much pleasure in a race car with period history or a rare and special road car in original condition.  There is more to come, for sure.

We will always be open – to chat, to learn, to improve.  Do come and say hello.

Sports Purpose is becoming ever more established in the market.  We have learnt much but we are still keen to improve. Do please get in touch with any ideas or feedback!

We provide the following services:

  • sales brokerage on a commission basis
  • advice on what car to purchase and how
  • research of a car’s history and provenance
  • recommendations of how best to prepare a car for sale
  • inspection, valuation and acquisition of cars on behalf of clients
  • post-sales ownership support
  • event creation and management
  • additionally, we do purchase cars for our own stock
Sports Purpose
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