Lou Coolin
office manager

Lou has a history of client service with cool and blue chip brands like Vans and Strutt & Parker.  Lou keeps us calm and holds it all together.  She is a frequent marathon runner and has always wanted a Karmann Ghia.

Philip Basil

Philip has been a Porsche enthusiast and collector for more than 25 years.  He has overseen the restoration of several significant Porsche race cars and is a regular participant in historic car events.  With a focus on research, he likes nothing more than the puzzle of a dusty history file.

James Turner - Sports Purpose Founder
Louise Coolin - Sports Purpose Office Manager
Philip Basil - Sports Purpose Consultant

James Turner

James has worked in cars since 1998, first in Formula 1 with what is now Mercedes F1 and then moving to set up Aston Martin Racing.  He has competed in historic racing since 2012 and is the proud father of three boys.

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