It’s always difficult to know what to put here but we do believe in practising what we preach and so here are a few of the cars that we are lucky enough to have the use of.  

We are always learning and love to hear stories from different enthusiasts of their experiences in their own cars.  Whether it is hooning up Mont Ventoux in the early hours of the morning or just taking one of our children to rowing or rugby, we love that feeling of opening the garage door, reconnecting the battery, firing the car up, carefully warming engine, gearbox and brakes and then gradually opening up the performance of the particular car.

A 356 is as fun as a 2.8 RSR.  A short journey can be as special as a long one.  A quiet drive to the pub with friends can be way more rewarding than sclepping off to yet another event in the busy calendar.  Listen, don’t transmit.  

Above all, enjoy – and drive safe.

1965 Porsche 911 Paul Smith
'A.rt ca.r'

This early 911 was recently built as a fully competitive racing car for the 2 Litre Cup by Sports Purpose’s James Turner, in collaboration with Paul Smith.

The Paul Smith ‘Artist Stripe’ is unmistakable, continuous through the cabin and underside of the car, built beautifully by Tuthill Porsche.

It has attracted widespread praise since its launch at Paul Smith’s Paris headquarters and debut on track at Le Mans Classic, and was a highly visible part of the Porsche 70th anniversary celebrations at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this summer.

1992 Porsche
964 RS

Owned by James and his father since 1998, this 87,000 km car is a 964 RS that is used as Porsche intended.

Unmodified in any way, Peter Turner competed at assorted hillclimbs and sprints (including Prescott and the Brighton Speed Trials) throughout the late 90s and early 00s, always driving the car to events on the road.

The car is now kept just for driving on the road and the occasional track day, offering a remarkably pure but modern 911 drive.

1968 Porsche
911 T/R

Owned by Philip for nearly 20 years, this is a genuine “Sports Purpose” car ordered from the factory race department in 1968 by Dan Margulies. Dan and his co-driver Rob Mackie raced the car at that year’s Circuito di Mugello – driving the car to and from Italy themselves.

The car remains as it was then with a lovely patina that comes from being regularly used for its intended purpose. Philip took the car back to Mugello a couple of years ago on the fabulous  Modena Cento Ore event.

1959 Porsche
356A Super

A very special 356 which has to be one of the last remaining UK imported right hand drive cars that has not been restored and yet is still in full working order.

With 36,000 miles from new and having spent most of its life in one family’s ownership, it found a home in Philip’s garage five years ago.

A true time capsule, it even smells like the 1950s. It has more than the odd scratch but the last thing Philip will be doing is restoring it.

1964 Porsche
904 Carrera GTS

The most beautiful car ever designed – at least that’s Philip’s opinion of his Porsche 904. Butzi Porsche, grandson of the great man, only designed two cars – the 904 and the original 911. Not a bad resume.

This particular car was raced in period by Racing Team Holland which explains its spectacular colour scheme.

It ran at Le Mans, the Nurburgring and Spa amongst other famous tracks and still has its original body work and interior.

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