1967 Porsche 911 S

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  • chassis number: 306068S
  • non-matching numbers
  • colour: Aga Blue
  • tastefully enhanced and built to a ‘Sports Purpose’ specification
  • drives superbly

This car was purchased a few years ago by UK based enthusiast, Mark Fuller.  Like many UK based cars, it had lived a hard life and most recently it had been prepared by Tuthill Porsche for use on the Tour Britannia, leaving it well used and a great potential base for a restoration.  Previously painted silver, it has since been restored to its original period colour ‘Aga Blue’.

The complete restoration process was publicly documented on the Early 911S Forum (available to view online) and the car soon became very well known in the early Porsche community. Originally intending to restore the car to road specification, the owner discovered two factory-published documents, ‘Porsche for the Competition Driver’ from 1967 and ‘Information Regarding Porsche Vehicles Used for Sports Purposes’ from 1968, in which Porsche suggested and marketed upgrade packages for 911s that were designed to help a private owner prepare his car for the hillclimbs, rallies, races and airport sprint events that were so popular, in period.  Taken with the content of these documents, Mark came up with a clear plan to build his car to a ‘Sports Purpose’ finish.

Metalwork was carried out to a high standard by Chesterton’s Coachworks, with all new panels where required, whilst the paint was applied by Limn Historics and the car was built up by Gary Cook at GDC Automotive, all well-known and respected UK based experts.  The engine in the car when purchased was a non-original 1965 unit so a correct 1967 S crankcase was sourced and fitted along with the original gearbox by engine builder, Mike Fletcher. The engine was built to a slightly enhanced spec having a 10.5:1 compression ratio with Wossner ’S’ pistons, the heat exchangers were removed and a straight-through exhaust was added, all resulting in an exceptional drive.  The gearbox, which had been prepared to rally specification by Tuthill Porsche, was taken back to standard ratios and the Gripper limited slip differential was retained but set to 40%.

The car was trimmed using period correct vinyl by Garry Hall at Porsche restorers, Classic FX, and the finishing touches were added such as the retention of much of the original trim and the fitment of two exceptional period Recaro seats, one bucket, one folding.  They are rare and valuable, and, in our opinion, with the performance and the colour, they make the car.

This car has not simply been restored to a ‘as it left the factory’ specification but has attempted to take on another level of Porsche history.
This car has not simply been restored to a ‘as it left the factory’ specification but has attempted to take on another level of Porsche history.
Our thoughts

Whilst the subsequent 1968 S is a rarer car today, the 1967 version remains a favourite of the early 911 models for Porsche enthusiasts like us, retaining those early, green dial VDO gauges and original-finish early Fuchs wheels. It is a key evolutionary link between the first, post-356, 911s and the later ‘68 and ‘69 cars, which finally nailed down the classic Porsche look and feel that would last for a couple of decades without serious revision. For that, they are special.

In all important respects, it is road specification correct but it has been further detailed to bring it in line with the Porsche factory’s own recommendations for contemporary sporting improvements. Seats, exhaust, wheels etc. are all great additions, but they can be reversed if desired. We love the dedication and passion for originality that Mark poured into this restoration and we think the results are impressive. It is difficult to imagine a better handling 1967 S road car.

To us, having the original engine is only one of many things we look for as ideal to find in a historic car. This 911 S in its period ‘Aga Blue’ colour, freshly and properly restored, has been rebuilt in a most faithful way, with a correct 1967 engine and extensive improvements, carefully chosen from the factory endorsed, period lists. It is a car that should appeal to anyone who revels in the pure visceral performance of quick early 911s and who appreciates the history of these early short wheelbase cars and the way that they were used by their pioneering owners for ‘sports purposes’.

Please note this car is now sold.
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