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1992 PORSCHE 964 RS (LHD)

Please note this car is now sold.
Please note this car has recently sold.

chassis number: 96ZNS490628
engine number: 62N81094
original colour: Polar Silver with black / grey leather interior
build date: 18 November 1991
delivery date: 18 March 1992
options: none

  • an excellent left-hand drive 964 RS in original unmodified form
  • just 51,600 kilometres from new (32,100 miles)
  • Italian delivery car (C07)
  • interesting ownership history, with a total of three owners from new


This car is an Italian market (C07) left-hand drive car, first delivered on 18 March 1992 via Porsche Genoa.

The first owner was a local resident of Genoa, Dimitri Rodocanachi-Roidi.  He would own the car for 22 years and complete 49,712 kilometres in it.  The service records for this period are incomplete however there are invoices for routine maintenance at Porsche Genoa in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

The car was sold in January 2015 via Porsche Milan to Nicolas Todt, motorsport impresario and son of Jean Todt, former Team Principal of Scuderia Ferrari.  Nicolas Todt had commissioned well-known Porsche expert Andy Prill to find him an excellent 964 RS and after looking at many cars he recommended this one. While the car was generally in excellent, original condition, several panels had been poorly repainted by a Porsche main dealer.  

Todt decided to have the car fully repainted by Carrozzeria Zanasi at the Ferrari factory in Maranello.  Zanasi have been responsible for painting some of the most valuable modern and classic Ferraris in the world and no doubt Todt’s family connections helped to persuade them to take on a Porsche.  Todt had the car serviced at Porsche Paris in November 2016 at 49,849 km.

It appears that Todt drove the car very little and it was sold in April 2017 to the current owner, a well-known retired racing driver and former winner of the Indianapolis 500.  The car has been used sparingly and has now covered 51,639 kilometers (32,086 miles).  It has recently been serviced by Prill Porsche Classics.

This car is a stunning example which has been kept in its original factory state from new.
This car is a stunning example which has been kept in its original factory state from new.
Our thoughts

Having sold several 964 RS in the last year, our enthusiasm for the model is well-known.  While benefitting from modern electronics and safety features such as ABS, they still embody the purity and spirit of the early Sports Purpose cars.  Criticised when new for their uncompromising set up, these cars now feel vibrant and alive, giving the driver a level of feedback and direct involvement that is perhaps missing from more recent iterations of the RS catalogue.

This car is a stunning example which has been kept in its original factory state from new.  Collectors can sometimes obsess a little too much over “original paint” in our view.  In this case not only is the repaint better than factory, but it was completed (almost certainly uniquely) by the “Auld Enemy” in Maranello.  This combined with the car’s connections to motorsport royalty should be a fun talking point for years to come.

The car drives beautifully, pulling cleanly and enthusiastically from low revs.  The Polar Silver colour is the antithesis of some of the more acid hues but we think that just adds to the appeal of this particular example, which is in such good condition.

Please note this car is now sold.
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